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what you and your child will need with us

We will provide most of what your child will need during their stay with the school. However, certain things will be the responsibility of the parents to provide and complete: 

  • Children wear uniforms to school on all days except Fridays, when they can wear any appropriate civvies. 
  • The uniform is available from the Front Office. 
  • Summer Uniform: 
    • Green branded short sleeve t-shirt. 
    • Any black or navy pants or shorts. 
  • Winter Uniform: 
    • Green branded long sleeve t-shirt. 
    • Navy tracksuit. 
    • Suitable sneakers and socks. 
Mattress Covers and Blankets
  • Two mattress covers are required at all times. 
  • These are available from the Front Office. 
  • Parents are responsible for washing the covers over weekends. 
  • During winter, parents are responsible to provide a blanket meeting with the requirements which the teacher will communicate.
  • Children engage in make-and-bake activities bi-weekly. 
  • A fee is charged for it at the start of each school year. 
Daily Needs
  • A list of baby requirements will be provided at the start of each term. Parents must provide the requirements within the first week.
  • If your child is in Grade 00, certain stationery items will be required. Parents will receive a list at the start of the year and items should be provided as soon as possible. 
  • All babies and potty-trainers must have at least four full additional sets of clothing packed each day. 
  • Babies and potty trainers must have adequate nappies and underwear or pull-ups packed every day – a minimum of 8 is required. 
  • At the change of season, the weather is unpredictable and parents must pack something warm every day. 
  • Parents are responsible for the sun-protection of their children. Please pack a hat and sunscreen every day. 
  • Parents MUST complete the information pages in the front of the communication book at the start of the year and update it at the start of each term

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