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future driven childcare

A fundamental difference

We understand that choosing a baby care centre or pre-school that is right for you and your child can be a difficult decision, and, therefore, we believe in
creating a loving, secure and homely environment, which helps children make sense of everyday experiences and encourage them to learn. 

We have respect for each little one as an individual, and though children are grouped with others of a similar age, we acknowledge that each child’s level
of progress and achievement is varied. 

Our individualised programs allow children to reach their full potential in all areas of development. We provide a stimulus for physical, emotional, social,
creative and intellectual development – addressing all the domains of early childhood development. 

We provide carefully planned activities where play is structured and meaningful, but also spontaneous play experiences where the emphasis is on
imagination, socialization and on speaking and listening. We encourage independence and initiative from a young age and always consider self-esteem and the confidence that success builds.

Expectations from us

We aim to provide pre-primary child education of such a standard that all children in our care are competent for integration into any private school environment.


Excellent standards of daily care and education

Nurturing Environment

A nurturing and safe environment


Freshly prepared, nutritionally balanced meals


Well maintained designed-for-purpose facilities with ample outdoor areas

A holistic environment

We maintain a fully inclusive environment where all children’s cultural and ethnic backgrounds are respected and celebrated. Helping little ones develop their social and emotional skills is
imperative at JPP. 

We assist children to regulate their behaviour, to be aware of their environment and to appreciate and respect others. We uphold a Christian-based value system but we respect other religions and support the right of every person to uphold their chosen faith. We hold dear the values associated with equality, dignity and

But what makes Jacaranda Pre-Primary popular with parents is that we make your child the centre of everything we do and every decision we make. We believe that you will find that our approach to childcare sets the standards rather than just simply following them; an approach that sees beyond the ‘requirements’.

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