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a broad but concise curriculum

a formal ecd-level curriculum

For many parents and ECD institutions, a formal curriculum at the ECD level seems superfluous. However, as the Department of Basic Education, which now governs ECD, states and requires, a formal, structured curriculum is essential to meet the objectives of early childhood education. 

But, why is there so much confusion on this topic? 

Throughout the evolution of early childhood education, the curriculum has been entangled, and often confused, with important and related issues (i.e., beliefs, learning theories/pedagogies, and skills/standards). 

A curriculum must produce educationally meaningful effects for children’s language skills, pre-reading and pre-math abilities, cognition, general knowledge, and social competence at the end of the pre-primary phase.

exceeding expectations

The JPP curriculum meets all the expectations and requirements set in the South African National Curriculum Framework for children birth to four years, but are specifically enriched in the areas of Language, Mathematical, Art and Gross Motor development.

Our curriculum is researched-based and continuously updated to ensure relevance for early-year learning. We embrace the principles of brain-based learning, multiple intelligences and concrete learning through play. 

Our curriculum is an agreed framework through which knowledge is gained, skills are developed, and experience is widened.

Balanced and Clearly defined

curriculum principles

The curriculum offered is balanced and wide-ranging. 

Cross-curricular themes include personal identity, citizenship, the beginning of economic awareness, health and physical education, the arts and environmental education. 

It matches the needs of individual learners (differentiation).

It is flexible in its approach and provides opportunities for direct instruction, peer, collaborative and independent learning. 

It is continuous across stages and is arranged that individual progress is continuous both within and across the learning phases (the ages within ECD and the Foundation Phase). It realises potential where accurate assessment is the key to individual progress.

It develops the whole child holistically.

It delivers knowledge, skill and content within the wider community with opportunities made and taken to reach out into our community, and to encourage the regular involvement of groups and individuals in relating the curriculum to other aspects of children’s lives, and broadening their social experience

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