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a approach built on "Care"

Every day, millions of South African families go through a familiar ritual: dropping off their young child at baby-care or pre-school. As parents walk away from the classroom in the morning to start their own day, each of them hopes that they have made the right decision and that their child will have a rich and fulfilling day, supported by a loving and affectionate caregiver. 

A positive discipline focus

To understand our approach to positive discipline, it is
necessary to consider the meaning and purpose of discipline.

  • Is it punishment? Is it obedience?
  • Is it rules? Is it enforcement?
  • Is it always doing the same thing? Is it always doing the
    right thing?
  • Is it consistency? Is it doing what you’re told?
  • Is it rigid? Is it boring?
  • Do you even get a choice? Do you just comply?


The word “discipline” is from the Latin word disciplina, meaning “instruction and training.” It is derived from the root word discere – ”to learn.”

senjuti-kundu-JfolIjRnveY-unsplash (1)

The positive discipline approach can play a key role in creating caring environments, where children’s rights and dignity are respected and they are equipped to achieve their full potential. 

The positive discipline approach rejects the use of punishment or any action of humiliation or violence as a teaching tool. It focuses instead on guiding children’s behaviour where rather than enforcing good behaviour through fear, the teacher or aide plays the role of mentor and guide. 

In so doing, this approach not only supports children’s full development but also improves the school environment by eliminating fear, teaching children self-discipline and encouraging greater pleasure and engagement in learning. 

Settling your child with us

Our orientation program for 1st time enrollers involves the parent completing a detailed registration form which is discussed with the primary caregiver or teacher of the group in which the child will commence. 

Depending on the age of the child and your needs, you may wish to visit often before commencement or make it a shorter day when your child first starts. It is natural for parents to feel some anxiety when separated from their children.  

  • Please share your concerns with the staff as they have helped many children and parents through this process and may be able to reassure you. 
  • Try and be positive. Young children pick up on the negative or anxious feelings of their parents. By gradual introduction, we aim to relieve the stress for both of you and make childcare a positive and enjoyable experience. 
  • Remember to clearly say “Goodbye” to your child so that they may know you are leaving. 
  • Make sure that a staff member is aware that you are leaving so that your child may continue to feel secure being handed over to their teacher

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